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The Town of Llanerchymedd on Anglesey, North Wales.

Llanerchymedd Church

Llanerchymedd Church

Llanerchymedd - once known as Y Llan - was once a thriving market town, but long since ceased. A mostly agricultural community since Llangefni took over as the prime livestock market. Only the odd shop still exists in the town, and several small pubs.

This is in stark contrast to the 18th and 19th centuries when Llanerchymedd was home to up to 250 shoemakers, and held what was possibly the island's grandest market. Why so many shoemakers - they also made boots and clogs - may be answered by the rise in the fortune and population of nearby Amlwch during the Parys Mountain years. The shoemakers of Y Llan would sell their wares at the various Anglesey and Arfon fairs and markets, carrying their wares in a sack.
Some of Llanerchymedd`s corn mills can still be seen, which once ground the local farmers corn into much needed flour. There is a beautiful town church, which is well worth a visit. Nearby is Ceidio church, and if you can find it Gwredog church.

Llanerchymedd in 1906 - the druid Arms on the left

Llanerchymedd in 1906 - the Druid Arms on the left

Llanerchymedd War Memorial

Llanerchymedd War Memorial


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