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Times Past Photographic Archives of North Wales.

Beddgelert in North Wales.

Beddgelert -  Aberglaslyn Pass

Beddgelert - Aberglaslyn Pass

Beddgelert in North Wales. Beddgelert in English means grave of Gelert. The legend tells us that the Prince of North Wales, Prince Llewellyn, had a palace at Beddgelert. One day he went hunting, leaving his faithful hound - Gelert - to look after his baby son. When Llewellyn returned he found the baby's cot empty and the bedclothes spattered with blood. The hound Gelert sprang to meet his master, his face was awash with blood.

Beside himself, Prince Llewellyn drew his sword and slew Gelert. The hounds dying yelp was answered by the sound of a baby crying, and after a short search Llewellyn found his son unarmed. Nearby lay the body of a large wolf, and Llewellyn realised that his faithful hound had fought the wolf to his death and saved his son's life.

Prince Llewellyn took the body of Gelert and buried his body in the valley near the church of Beddgelert, marking the place with a strong boulder. Legend has it that he never smiled again.

The grave of Gelert is now a shrine visited by many thousands of people who take the time to stay in the area, booking into local hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation each year. This small village is a delight to those who wish to spend a little time in a peaceful place of outstanding natural beauty.


Beddgelert -  Aberglaslyn Pass

Beddgelert - Aberglaslyn Pass

Done Beddgelert - from Aberglaslyn

Beddgelert - from Aberglaslyn

Beddgelert - Llewellyn Hotel

Beddgelert - Llewellyn Hotel

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