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War Memorials on Anglesey in North Wales.

Llaniestyn War Memorial

Anglesey, Llaniestyn, St Iestyn's Church - RAF Pilot's Gravestone WWII

Anglesey, Llaniestyn, St Iestyn's Church - RAF Pilot's Gravestone WWII.

Llaniestyn is a small village on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales. I am not aware of a village memorial, but would love to hear of any you may know about, please email me here

Or, if you have any high resolution photos or stories of anyone who served in either of the world wars, I would be delighted to post them on one of these pages, whether they were casualties or survived.

John Hudson Staples (headstone above) was born locally in 1914 at around the time that World War One (WWI) ended. John joined the Royal Air Force and became a pilot with 25 Squadron, and during World War Two (WWII) they flew Blenheims, Beaufighters and later Mosquitos. Their main roles were as night interceptor patrollers and in the protection of the North Sea convoys. They were based e.g. at R.A.F. Northolt in Middlesex and other bases, and in 1940 they were involved with the Battle of Britain.

In 1943 John was based at R.A.F. Church Fenton in Yorkshire, and was flying a De Havilland Mosquito NF MKII aircraft. On the afternoon of the 22nd of March 1943 John was the pilot of a Mosquito registration DD750, sent from their base to RAF Coltishall in Norfolk. The plan was that during that night the three aircraft would be involved in hunter operations over Germany, where they would just prey on German aircraft or ground targets that they might encounter.

The operation was however cancelled and all aircaft ordered to return to base. John and his Navigator cum Radio Operator - Ralph Ernest Andrews - were killed instantly when they flew slightly off course, and whilst descending through clouds hit the hillside near Silsden in West Yorkshire.

John was brought home to Llaniestyn and was buried in the village churchyard at St Iestyn's Church. He was to be later joined by his father John Price Staples and later again his mother Jane Ellen Staples (nee Thomas). John had a sister Edith A. Staples, who was born in 1918, and in 1944 married Mr. Lewis Jones.

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